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Monday, October 31, 2005

A Call from New Orleans

A Call for Everyone, and Especially People Dispersed from New Orleans, to
Act on Nov 2nd to Drive Out the Bush Regime
by Malik Rahim, Common Ground Collective, New Orleans

I urge
everybody who sees the horrors that the Bush regime is inflicting on the
country and the world, and the even greater horrors they have in store for
the future, to join in making the mobilization on Nov 2nd--Drive Out The
Bush Regime, The World Can't Wait--as powerful as possible. Bush & co.
showed their true colors with their actions and inactions in New Orleans
before, during and after Hurricane Katrina. The Bush administration
weakened the levees in the months leading up to the hurricane. They
refused to evacuate people once it was clear the hurricane was going to
hit New Orleans hard. After the Hurricane, they failed to rescue people
whose lives were at risk or provide the food and water 1000's of people,
most of them Black, needed to survive. They blocked others from
volunteering to provide these necessities. And when people in New Orleans
organized themselves to go out and get the food, water and medicine they
and others needed to survive, Bush called for zero tolerance for what he
called looting. These criminal actions are completely in line with
everything Bush & co. have done since they came into power. From waging
war on Iraq based on lies, to torturing people and detaining people
without trial around the world, and in this country. And they have even
more horrible things in store for us and the world, if they're not
stopped. These are scary times, and I'm not somebody who scares easily.
They are times when it is urgent that people act. A lot of people are
disturbed by what the Bush regime is doing and need some way to express
their feelings. But they cannot find it in the politics that are usually
practiced in the US. People need to step out, take to the streets and
resist. As the Call for Nov 2nd puts it: "We must, and can aim to create a
political situation where the Bush regime's program is repudiated, where
Bush himself is driven from office, and where the whole direction he has
been taking society is reversed." All this is why I am calling on people
everywhere who hate injustice to get involved in mobilizing many more
people to get involved in Nov 2nd. I especially urge those who have been
displaced from New Orleans to all parts of the country. We must take our
anger at what Bush and the rest of them did to our city. We must take the
story of New Orleans into the actions on Nov 2nd to give them added
strength and determination. Do this for the people of Iraq, for the people
of New Orleans, and for yourselves.

On Nov 2, 2005 -- THE WORLD CAN'T WAIT