Speak Out - Drive Out the Bush Regime

Statements from a wide array of individuals and organizations about why they are taking up the Call for November 2nd.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

from Ajamu Sankofa, Esq.

"The question now before us is civilization or barbarism. The criminal class
now running the United States has not only violated all of the fundamental
mores of civilized living both domestically and internationally, but it is also
driving the destruction of the natural world and all who live therein due to
their wanton greed, global violence, cruelty, and stupidity. They must go now!
Today, there is no room for debate of this profound question. The time is
immediately upon us for all freedom loving people who care for the survival of this
earth and all who live therein to bring the reign of this criminal class to
an absolute end. The historic necessity for completing the arduous task of
removing the Bush Regime is upon us all. In this process, we must expand and
defend human freedom and human rights by any means necessary and ensure that this
criminal cabal and any future replication of its features are removed from the
stage of human history forever. We cannot wait."

-Ajamu Sankofa, Esq.
N'COBRA Angola 11 Harlem Chapter