Speak Out - Drive Out the Bush Regime

Statements from a wide array of individuals and organizations about why they are taking up the Call for November 2nd.

Sunday, October 30, 2005


ā€œIā€™d like to express my support for the
plan to have nationwide protest by students on
November 2nd, protest not just against the policies of
the Bush administration, protest against the war, but
against the general direction which our country has
been moving in for some time, a direction which the
Bush administration has moved faster on, more
fanatically on than any previous administration. By
that I mean that the country has been moving towards a
militarized country, a country bent on expansion
abroad and on the curtailment of civil liberties at
home, the direction which the country has been going
is a direction which is disastrous for the ordinary
people of this country. Because what it means is that
the enormous wealth that we have in this country is
going to be expended on military adventures abroad, on
expansionism, is going to be diverted into the pockets
of the super-rich in this country and the rights of
people to health, to housing, to education, to
employment, those rights are more and more being
diminished. And it seems to me that we are at a
historic turning point in this country where we will
need to turn the country in a different direction if
we are not going to be headed towards collapse and
disaster.ā€ (Full text: